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About Us

Our Founder

Aggie, @aggie on Instagram, is a Los Angeles based, Polish-born traveler and influencer. 

Aggie wasn’t the first or last person on the planet wanting to find a way to live her life in a bikini. After 6 years of traveling full time, she wanted to create an environmentally conscious brand with timeless designs and that’s how Aggie Clo was created in 2018, making Aggie’s passion for sustainability and women empowerment come to life.

When not traveling, Aggie recently hosted a TV show in Poland called ‘Prince Charming’, which was the first show in the history of Polish TV to openly support gay rights. Her empathy and presence in the show won her the approval of the local media naming her ‘the future of Polish TV hosting’. Beyond that, Aggie has sold tens of thousands of her unique editing presets ‘Aggie Look’, and created a travel card game, When the Game.

In 2020, Aggie shared an abundance of her travel advice in her book ‘Insta-Travel’, which made it to the top ten traveling books in the US - while being sold in Target and Barnes & Noble.

On top of this, she’s hosted her very own TEDx talk in Monterrey, Mexico, and is the host of her mental health podcast Enough is Enough. Aggie is extremely passionate about biohacking, skydiving and her cockapoo named Peanut Butter.