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Our swimsuits are made from Econyl, which is a recycled material, partly from fishing nets and fabric scraps (we encourage you to read more about our fabric here). Apart from picking a recycled material we also want to be environmentally conscious in how much swimsuits we produce in each collection, style, size and color. To do that we’ve decided to launch presale.

During presale you will be able to choose how many styles, sizes and colors you need, with unlimited possibilities. For us it will be a signal how much to produce to meet the demand. You’re right, it does require more patience from you but we strongly believe that you are here also because of our approach and eco-friendliness of our swims ;)Have you ever wondered about what happens to the clothing, swimsuits and other fashion industry products if they can’t be sold? Unfortunately they go to trash, with the fashion industry being one of the top waste creators in the World due to unused stock.

Together, hand in hand, we will make a difference by both you choosing an environmentally conscious brand and us producing just enough for everybod


1. You make an order of all of the styles, colors and sizes you need.

2. We calculate demand for our stock production line based on all orders from presale.

3. We produce your swimsuits.

4. You get your dream swims to your home!