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We value transparency. In our relationships and in our business. We are well aware of the markups and price abuse in the fashion industry, so wanted to openly walk you through our thought process behind pricing your bikini.

First: the fabric.We use a lot of it - 90% of our bikinis is double sided so they aren’t see-through when wet. Also, our fabric is on average nine times more expensive than regular polyester, which other swimwear is made out of.

Second: the people .Just like when you go to a good restaurant and tips are distributed between the server, the kitchen hand, the person that does dishes or cleans the tables in the belief that every single person’s work contributed to you having a good experience. We also understand that every person involved in the process of getting your swimwear to you is extremely and equally important and is paid for their time and effort. That involves a designer, production manager, seamstresses, warehouse team, customer service team, IT guys, finance and accounting folks, social media support & more! Even for you to read this sentence it took a team (thanks to our IT guys!).

Whenever we tried to skip any of these people in the past, you as a customer ended up having a less than ideal experience. So without making the team smaller, we chose to make some massive changes to how our brand operates. For example, we recently switched from working with a designer that we paid $30,000 to design each collection, to working with a team in Europe that works on profit share basis (and it’s a double digit split!).

We also switched from manufacturing in Bali which was very special to us but in full transparency not exactly low in carbon footprint (Our fabric was shipped from Italy where it’s from, to Bali to get manufactured, then to the US to our warehouse and then often shipped back to Europe where 30% of our customers come from).

Fast forward to today, your bikini is now made in Europe, which does raise our cost to about $27 a piece, however there was no need for it to travel around the world (like Aggie does!). Also, believe it or not, but Aggie was shipping the swimwear personally from her garage up until March 2021. Guess how that worked out? 😜 Now we are proud to work with a warehouse in Poland and in the US to make sure you get the support you need.

‍ Okay, now some numbers to summarize:$22 to manufacture$10 our team$10 storage, taxes and all the boring stuffthe rest is profit and budget we useOUR TOTAL COST per bikini set/onepiece is about $42-$45. We’re an open book and happy to answer any questions you might have about the process.