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Your Bikini

Our Mission

You already have a bikini body. Now let’s get you a bikini.

Before you even put it on...

Take a deep long breath. Long exhale all the worry, comparison and expectations of what the world wants you to be. Exhale that heaviness.

Then inhale lightness. Inhale deep, warm, yummy love towards yourself. Yummmm.

Screw comparing yourself and your body to other women. We are all unique. And we’re here to love you and celebrate you.

As you put on...

As you put on your bikini, whisper a kind mantra to yourself. Here are some of our favorites: I love the vehicle that carries my soul. I love my body. I am strong and beautiful.

And now...

And now that you’re wearing your goddess-wear … oh sorry, I meant - your swimwear! ;-) Now it’s the most important part. 

Your self-talk. Not sure if you’re like us, but the words we use towards ourselves are among some of the harshest. We are so used to them, we don’t even notice them as something unusual anymore. But not today.