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Color | yummy peach

Size | medium

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Our swimwear is made entirely from ocean and landfill waste.
We share behind the scenes of our prices. We are transparent and open to tell you exactly what adds up to our swims final prices.
We are mindful of the energy that goes into the process of making your bikinis.

Something a little different, very stylist. Another great top I love to wear with some shorts this summer. Comfortable and supportive. Made from high quality Italian fabric.

Aggie wears size S, Aggie is 5'3 89-64-87. Ashley wears size M (peach), she is 5'4 and wears cup 36B. Sarah (blue) wears size L, she is 5'8 and wears cup 32C.

Italian fabric made from recycled finishing nets. 78% polyamide 22% elastane woven.

You already have a bikini body. Now let’s get you a bikini.

We are beyond honored that you are even considering our bikinis for your beautiful and sexy body. Whatever you decide, we’re here for you every step of your self-love journey.

Our mission at Aggie Clo was to create bikinis for women so they can return to love their bodies. ‘Lovekinis’ if you wish. Lovekinis that make you feel more self-love towards yourself, not more self-judgment.

Aggie Clo isn’t just a swimwear brand. Our bikinis are an accountability uniform to help you remember who you really are. And you’re a goddess. A queen.

We don’t take these words lightly. 

You’re carrying a divine feminine energy in you that is powerful beyond measure

It can create, nourish and sustain life with grace and courage.

Oh, but how easy it is for this light of yours to get dimmed. Overworked, underslept and overcommitted, you often put yourself last; which makes you forget how powerful you are inside.

That’s why we wanted to create your goddess accountability uniform.

Before you even put it on, take a deep long breath.

Long exhale all the worry, comparison and expectations of what the world wants you to be.

Exhale that heaviness.

Then inhale lightness. Inhale deep, warm, yummy love towards yourself. Yummmm.

Screw comparing yourself and your body to other women. We are all unique. And we’re here to love you and celebrate you.

As you put on your bikini, whisper a kind mantra to yourself. Here are some of our favorites:

I love the vehicle that carries my soul.

I love my body.

I am strong and beautiful.

And now that you’re wearing your goddess-wear … oh sorry, I meant - your swimwear! ;-) Now it’s the most important part. 

Your self-talk. Not sure if you’re like us, but the words we use towards ourselves are among some of the harshest. We are so used to them, we don’t even notice them as something unusual anymore. But not today. 

When you put your Aggie Clo on, you don’t practice negative self-talk.

You don’t criticize your weight, your rolls, your cellulite, your handles, your arms or your boobs - in your head or out loud. Nah -ah -ah.

You notice this old bs programming and you nip it in the bud. Thanks, but no thanks.

We don’t need you here, Negativity. You don’t let these heavy thoughts and worries live in your head. When they come, you show them the exit door. Byeeee ✌️

You don’t talk badly about other people while wearing your bikini either. It’s your goddess uniform after all and real queens only fix each other’s crowns, right? Exactly 😊

Whether you wear your bikini surfing in the South Pacific, on a balcony in Europe or diving in South-East Asia looking all confident and sexy, please know you’re also being a part of making this planet a better place. Your bikini is sustainable. Yay.

Anyways. We got a little chatty over here haha but ya know. We love you!

We are beyond honored that you are even considering our bikinis for your beautiful and sexy body. Whatever you decide, we’re here for you every step of your self-love journey.

Rock on, Queen 👑

Our swimwear is made entirely from ocean and landfill waste, such as industrial plastic, fabric scraps from clothing manufacturing companies, old carpets and 'ghost nets' (lost or abandoned fishing nets). We use high quality, designer recycled fabric Econyl, which has been used by Stella McCArtney, Adidas, Speedo and Levi's.

ps. Reusing nylon to make Econyl reduces the global warming impact of nylon by 80% compared with the material produced from oil (most of other swimwear). Best part, the material can be continuously recycled without loss of quality in the finished product. Thank you for supporting an environmentally friendly company.

We value transparency. In our relationships and in our business. We are well aware of the markups and price abuse in the fashion industry, so wanted to openly walk you through our thought process behind pricing your bikini.


First: the fabric. We use a lot of it - 90% of our bikinis is double sided so they aren’t see-through when wet. Also, our fabric is on average nine times more expensive than regular polyester, which other swimwear is made out of.


Second: the people. Just like when you go to a good restaurant and tips are distributed between the server, the kitchen hand, the person that does dishes or cleans the tables in the belief that every single person’s work contributed to you having a good experience. We also understand that every person involved in the process of getting your swimwear to you is extremely and equally important and is paid for their time and effort. That involves a designer, production manager, seamstresses, warehouse team, customer service team, IT guys, finance and accounting folks, social media support & more! Even for you to read this sentence it took a team (thanks to our IT team and the website designer Nicole!).


Whenever we tried to skip any of these people in the past, you as a customer ended up having a less than ideal experience. So without making the team smaller, we chose to make some massive changes to how our brand operates.



We also switched from manufacturing in Bali which was very special to us but in full transparency not exactly low in carbon footprint (Our fabric was shipped from Italy where it’s from, to Bali to get manufactured, then to the US to our warehouse and then often shipped back to Europe where 30% of our customers come from).


Fast forward to today, your bikini is now made in Europe, which does raise our cost to about $32 a piece for manufacturing only, however there is now no need for it to travel around the world (like Aggie does!).


Also, believe it or not, but Aggie was shipping the swimwear personally from her garage up until March 2021. 


We’re an open book and happy to answer any questions you might have about the process.


Symbolizes: Purity, Innocence, Perfection, Innovation, Tradition, Extends your aura.

Effects: Refreshes, Balances, Simplifies.

You communicate being: Hopeful, Carefree, Open, Present, Spiritual.

It is the opposite of: Threat, Danger, Unclearness, Indecisiveness.


SymbolizesProtection, Elegance, Power, Decisiveness.

Effects: Mystifies, Secures, Intimidates.

You communicate being: Formal, Having Authority, Classy, Decisive.

It is the opposite of: Playfulness, Silliness, Carefree.


SymbolizesLove, Youth, Feminine Power, Compassion, Kindness, Intuition.

Effects: Sympathizes, Calms, Nurtures.

You communicate being: Approachable, Empathetic, Joyfull, Sexual, Virtuos, Feminine, Positivity.

It is the opposite of: Rage, Aggression, Anger, Sadness, Judgment.


SymbolizesPower, Action, Strength, Energy, Dominance, Survival, Passion.

Effects: Attention, Motivates, Cautiousness.

You communicate being: Ready to Act, Bold, Present, Sexual, Courageous, Confident, Trendsetter, Charming.

It is the opposite of: Resting, Relaxing.


Symbolizes: Spirituality, Mystery, Royalty, Imagination.

Effects: Enlightens, Inspires, Encourages, Uplifts.

You communicate being: Compassionate, Creative, Wise.

It is the opposite of: Cold-hearted, Extra mature.

Click here to view Size Chart

Aggie is 160 cm / 5’3 and wears a size S (hips/waist/chest 89/64/90 cm and is 47kg / 107 lbs)

Please note the bra cup sizes on this chart are very general and it all depends on the style and fit of each design. If you’re unsure or concerned please email us your bra size and your interested style and we can help you find the perfect fit and style that best suits you.